Meet JERRY: The jerrycan water filter

Worldwide, a shocking 780 million people lack access to clean drinking water (WHO). Unsafe water is one of the world’s largest health problems (1.2m annual deaths, Lancet 2017), particularly for the poorest in the world. Proper water treatment can prevent the disease burden of unsafe drinking water.


We believe that a water filter should be simple to operate and maintain with absolutely minimal training or instruction, regardless of age or education level. Such a water filter should treat water at the point-of-use to prevent recontamination of safe water and to treat unsafe water, all to ensure safe and clean drinking water for the entire family.


That is why we are developing JERRY: an easy to use, self-cleaning, small and affordable water filter. Together with NGO’s, local agencies and end-users, we are currently piloting our product in Ethiopia, Gaza and Iraq. The results of these tests will feed into an optimized version of our design.


780 million people do not have access to safe drinking water, which causes 1.2 million deaths per year, most in developing countries. We believe that safe drinking water is a universal human right for everyone!


The burden of waterborne diseases can be prevented through the distribution of low-cost and point-of-use water filters that excel in the ease of use and are well-tailored to the needs of users.


We are developing JERRY: an easy to use, maintenance-free, small and affordable water filter. This water filter combines an excellent ease of use with innovative membrane filter technology to provide safe drinking water in places of need.

Use of jerrycans

The water filter fits onto standard­sized jerrycans which are an integral part of the water infrastructure in many countries and are used for storing and transporting drinking water.


With each pump stroke, the filter is cleaned automatically making us of an innovative backwashing mechanism, resulting in a maintenance-free water filter.

Easy to use

JERRY delivers an estimated amount of 2.0 liters per minute with minimal pumping effort, enabling children to use the product with ease.

Small volume

JERRY is lightweight and has a low volume, reducing transport costs compared to conventional household water filters.

Field pilot feedback: